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Recreation in Brazil is probably the biggest dream of kitesurfing amateurs: here is everything what is needed broad beaches, yellow sand, warm water, and, of course, a lot of good wind.
In a cozy fishing village of Taiba in Brazil a real paradise is waiting for kitesurfing fans - from July to February, there is no lack of good weather, and real wind: wind speed is constantly seeking to 15-25 knots, air temperature reaches 30 °C, and water temperature is about 26 °C. Kitesurfing in Taiba will not disappoint any kitesurfing professional and amateur, and for beginners the beaches of Taiba will become a great kitesurfing school.
Taiba is located the Northern east of Brazil, in Ceara province,from the international airport of Fortaleza there is just one hour way to the village. The village is suitable to all guests’ needs, here we have several great Brazilian restaurants, and for those who miss European cuisine will be pleasantly happy for three French and Italian pizza restaurants operating here.
The tourists are invited to stay in one of the comfortable hotels in Taiba – Vila Marola. The hotel is situated on the seaside of the ocean, and the view to the ocean is seen from each room of the hotel – you can be sure about the fact, that your holidays in Brazil will be the most romantic.
There are 24 double rooms and 4 suits of rooms with all facilities in eight little houses (bungalows): air conditioner, safe, bar-refrigerator and telephone.
The suits of rooms are set up on two floors, and each of them has Jacuzzi baths. They are perfectly suitable for family, being on holiday. 
Vila Marola is not only a place of rest for the whole family, but is also a great hotel of kitesurfing amateurs. The hotel, established for kitesurfing amateurs, is located in a particularly attractive place. Both, the beginners and the professionals of kitesurfing will find appropriate conditions for them. The beginners have a possibility to learn kitesurfing in a lagoon, which is 1,5 way from the hotel, while the advanced kitesurfing amateurs and professionals can practice kitesurfing near the hotel.
“Downwind” amateurs will be attracted by an opportunity to go down from Taiba to Paracuru spot – this is the way, where the most beautiful waves occur in the whole Ceara region. The distance from Taiba to Paracura is 12 km. You will be brought back from Paracuru to Vila Marola Hotel in Taiba by a Jeep of the Hotel.
  • A separate building for kitesurfing amateurs is established, where the kites and other necessary equipment can be kept.
  • Registration – our employees speak Portuguese, English, German, and Spanish languages.
  • There is a Wi-Fi wireless Internet in the hotel, services of laundry are provided.
  • The Hotel is safe, the security works 24 hours per day.


Additional services
  • The organization of buggy, jeep and other transport vehicles rent;
  • The organization of trips to Jericoacoara, Fortaleza;
  • Restaurant (European and South American cuisine);
  • Pool, Jacuzzi, pool for children, where a bar of light meals operates;
  • A separate building for kitesurfing amateurs, where everyone will have a possibility to have an individual box for kite and other needed equipment;
  • Parking site, where 31 parking places are established;
  • Transport from Fortaleza (Pinto Martins) airport;
  • Kitesurfing school – both, for beginners, and for those who wish to learn kitesurfing, will have an opportunity to have professional kitesurfing lessons.
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